The quality of the hosting service which you will receive for your sites is dependent not only on the attributes which a given plan has, but also on the hardware your web apps run on. Increased CPU speeds, for instance, suggest that the processes running on the web server will be executed more quickly, while additional physical memory (RAM) means that even more processes can run at the same time. The grade of the hardware can also have an effect on the general performance and reliability of the server. Because the web hosting service these days features not just file storage, but also databases, emails, logs, and so on, extra processing power is needed to run all the system processes and to make sure that they run properly and without lag. In the event that the hardware is not powerful enough, the result will be sluggish sites and even service timeouts as the machine might not be able to manage all requests to the Internet sites hosted on it.

24-core servers, hardware in Shared Hosting

If you obtain a shared hosting account from our company, you shall be able to take full advantage of a truly powerful setup that will provide amazing performance of any web application that you decide to host on our end. We've employed an advanced cloud platform where each and every aspect of the internet hosting service is handled by a different cluster of servers. Every single machine that is a part of any of the clusters comes with 64 GB RAM that will permit you to run multiple applications, while the speed of your sites will be guaranteed by powerful 24-core processors and solid-state drives. Any cluster can be enlarged by connecting additional machines for even more substantial power, so there isn't any upper limit for the system resources that our customers will be able to use at any given time. Unlike many competitors, we do not run everything on a single machine and we do not save on the hardware at the expense of efficiency.

24-core servers, hardware in Semi-dedicated Servers

Unlike numerous internet hosting service providers which run everything on a single server, we employ a cutting-edge cloud hosting platform, so if you get a semi-dedicated server account from our company, it will be created on that platform. The latter contains multiple clusters that handle the different parts of the hosting service for instance file storage, log generation, databases, etcetera. Each cluster contains very powerful servers with 24-core processors and 64 GB physical memory that enable outstanding loading speeds for all the websites hosted on our end. The performance of your web apps will be improved even further by the solid-state drives that we employ. The cluster system enables us to offer quite a lot of unlimited features with the semi-dedicated solutions and if you get an account, you'll really be able to use them since we can expand any of the clusters by attaching more servers with the same hardware configuration.

24-core servers, hardware in VPS Servers

The VPS servers that we provide are made on powerful physical servers, so you will be able to completely utilize the system resources that come with your package. Every machine comes with a total of 24 CPU cores and 64 GB physical memory, which shall ensure the quick and stable functioning of each app that you run on the VPS. If you wish to upgrade, you will not encounter a situation where the available resources are not sufficient because when we set up a new virtual server, we make sure that there will be space for every user on it to upgrade without having to affect the remaining users or the overall server efficiency. We also employ solid-state drives which will boost your websites even more, so if you're moving from some other provider, you'll notice the difference in the service.

24-core servers, hardware in Dedicated Servers

The dedicated servers that we offer will give you the all of the power that you need for your websites because we offer machines with up to 16 GB RAM and up to 12 CPU cores. This vast power will be available to you all of the time and won't be shared with anybody else. In case you don't need such an amount of resources, we have less powerful servers as well, and the quality of the machine will not change. All the parts which we employ are tested to make sure that there won't be hardware problems, but even in case something happens, the technical support team in our US datacenter is available 24/7 to replace any component in a matter of minutes. All dedicated servers come with multiple hard drives as well as gigabit network cards, so in case you obtain a machine from us, you shall be able to host resource-demanding sites without ever worrying about their performance.