Boost your website by getting a US Semi-dedicated Server.

If you find out that your cloud hosting account is not anymore a good service for personal or business website, but a dedicated server is not up to your budget and too difficult to control, you could make use of our USA semi–dedicated servers.

A semi-dedicated server is really a one–of–a–kind blend between a shared hosting account and a dedicated server supplying the the best of the two platforms. It offers the the effectiveness of a dedicated server (but without the typical server administration duties), wrapped in an easy–to–use Control Panel that is provided with all of our cloud hosting plans the moment you sign up.

And because of their individuality, our semi–dedicated servers are offered only within the US datacenter. It was the very first data center at which we’ve been in a position to set up our custom–made cloud hosting platform and it offers unparalleled power and cooling solutions. We have also built a customized internal network centered on enterprise–class Juniper routers and switches. This is how we can easily assure a 99.9% network uptime with all of our US Semi-dedicated Servers

One of the key great things about our US–based semi–dedicated servers is definitely the HostExcel Control Panel. It is included free of charge with all our semi–dedicated servers and has been built to run in the cloud. In this way, we spare your server from being required to provide power to the Control Panel and your web sites simultaneously. You may use the complete server energy only for your websites. And also, the Control Panel is bundled with free tools and bonuses that will give a boost to your web site.

Other US Hosting Services

The US datacenter is in addition home to a few more web hosting services apart from our USA semi–dedicated servers. We provide cloud hosting packages based on a unique cloud hosting platform. Every single US Shared Hosting package boasts a rocks domain name for just $3.49 and unmetered disk space and traffic quotas. You can go for a US Dedicated Servers – the best web hosting solution if you have a live video streaming website or a CPU hungry web application.